Password: Vd4+tXqo
Length: 8 Characters
Entropy: 50.1 bits

Password length is   characters
Use lower-case letters (a-z)
Use upper-case letters (A-Z)
Use digits (0-9)
Use special characters (e.g. #/+-*)
Use more special characters
Avoid similar characters
Without repetitions

Create random strong passwords online. A randomly chosen password cannot be guessed easily and offers high security. This application tries to estimate the strength of the generated password by computing the information entropy. The entropy depends on the length of the password and the set of symbols used. Every additional bit of entropy doubles the number of guesses required. The recommendations for minimum password entropy stated in RFC 4086 vary between 29 bits of entropy needed if only online attacks are expected and up to 96 bits of entropy needed for important cryptographic keys used in applications like encryption where the password or key needs to be secure for a long period of time. This limit of 96 bits is rated here with a strength of 100%.